We are going back in time & soon the immense suffering these poor horses will have to endure will start all over again.
Traditions & cultures are great & should be preserved, but of course it should be a good tradition that is not of violent nature towards humans, the environment OR animals .. If the excuse for bringing them back is tourism then think again.

When we started our program with carriage horses it was actually because we received so many reports from TOURISTS about the suffering & abusive way the horses at Monas weโ€™re kept & treated. It was unacceptable! We then did a thorough investigation & indeed the horses were & still are, suffering incredibly.

The fact that the Goverment of DKI Jakarta wants to have carriage horses back is unacceptable at this stage. Accidents keep happening due to the working conditions of the horses in the heat, long distances, lack of veterinaty care & proper shelter. The situation in DKI cant be compared to NY where the horses dont need to walk long distances before being worked, like in DKI (from Depok to Monas, for example).

The housing of the horses is very poor, horses are kept on & inside wooden planks. This situation needs to change to prevent more suffering & road accidents. Also the originally wild ranging horses are imported to Java in boats from Sumba, a hell of a trip for the horses after which they are trained to become a carriage horse!


Two years ago a boat had engine problems & many horses died. We has monitored the carriage horse situation actively since 2009 & have worked to help horse owners since, even registering all the horses used, assisting with veterinary care & building a carriage horse welfare center. Yet these efforts are useless if we dont bundle forces to help improve the welfare of these poor horses. We are willing to collaborate & seek proper solutions together!

Jakarta is NOT New York! In NY its a hand full of carriage horses that are much better cared for & have regulations & SOP’s! Even so, many people dont agree with the carriage horses in NY & is becoming a dying business.

Banning them from monas was the right decision. There are many other ways to highlight Betawi culture & traditions.

Traditional Betawi food, ondel2, tari betawi, lenong betawi & much more! Please highlight traditions that we can be proud of .. Please dont support animal abuse ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ @sandiuno @aniesbawedan