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New Film: Eyes of the Orangutan

With their quirky characters and extreme intelligence, orangutans share 97% of their DNA with humans. These human characteristics make them hugely popular attractions at zoos worldwide. However, with limited space and resources, many zoos are failing to provide them with suitable homes, whilst others exploit their intelligence and train them to perform in grotesque routines.

Lorinda Jane, Founder Ellis Park

Ellis Park Sumatra

Sadly, not all wild animals we rescue can be released back into the wilderness. Therefore, with the kind and amazing support from Warren Ellis and Lorinda Jane, Ellis Park was founded and is now a dream in the making. For all information regarding this important project for Indonesian Wildlife, please do visit ellispark.org

Success Stories

When all our hard work pays off, we like to share it with you all. Here are some of our success stories including adoptions, donations, animal releases, meetings etc. Of course we wouldnt be able to do half of it without all of our supporters. Thank you & continue to support to help create MORE success stories!