On Friday, December the 15th three wild caught dolphins were found at the ‘Menjangan Shark Pool’, a tourist attraction In KarimunJawa area very poor condition. When the team arrived at the location we observed the poor dolphins kept inside a very shallow pool between reef sharks!

Within 48 hours we lost two dolphins despite fast action taken by both our team & the National Park Authorities assisted by the army & navy. The dolphins were relocated to the worlds ONLY permanent rehabilitation sea pen for dolphins in Kemujan, KarimunJawa area.

One dolphin fortunately was nursed back to health & then succesfully released. KarimunJawa is the area where the captive dolphin facilities in Indonesia take their dolphins from, all being illegally captured from the open sea to be abused in one of the worlds last dolphin travel circus.

In 2011 the worlds first dolphin permanent rehabilitation facility was constructed here, with the support & guidance of @dolphin_project & in collaboration with the Forestry Department National Park Authorities in KarimunJawa to enable illegally captured & imprisoned dolphins to be rehabilitated back to the wild.

As for this case, our team will monitor, very closely, the legal actions taken against those responsible for these severe crimes & we have to CLOSE DOWN the traveling circuses to truly see an end to this ongoing exploitation happening to dolphin! Lets thanks @kementrianlhk for the fast action & to end dolphin travel shows in 2018.