In 2002 the first wildlife rescue center was built in Indonesia, and many followed as part of the Indonesian ‘Wildlife Rescue Center Network’. This, what we call ‘network’ was left without any funding at the end of 2006. JAAN was founded shortly after, also to strive help these highly important centers and the people behind it, who had been trying their best to keep their heads up and find support to continue their work, which of course was, saving endangered wildlife in Indonesia.


JAAN co- founder Femke den Haas was involved with the founding and construction of the Indonesian Wildlife Rescue Center Network as this  was a very strong step forward to fight the illegal wildlife trade.

Femke has witnessed and was actively involved from the very beginning. The first stones laid, the building of all facilities at the 6 rescue centers throughout Indonesia as well as the collapse due to withdrawal of financial support. This network still stands until today yet continues to struggle financially.

These Wildlife rescue Centre’s (The network) is the key to professional wildlife conservation; having the facilities and staff needed to care for confiscated wildlife and also to rehabilitate wildlife. JAAN also relies on the centers for the placement of confiscated wildlife when caught from the illegal trade.

Therefore JAAN finds it very important these centers are provided with the support they need. 


The centers are located in;
– Sukabumi (Cikananga)
– Gadok (ASTI)
– Jogjakarta, Jakarta (Tegalalur)
– Malang, Bali (Tabanan)
– Sulawesi (Tasikoki)
Both the Tasikoki and Cikananga center receive volunteers, the other centers rely purely on donations to proceed their important work.
163675_10150108407400395_8081819_n163171_10150109082915395_995333_nThese pictures are of Femke and part of the team at work, at the Tegal Alur Wildlife Center. 

Cikananga Wildlife Centre – 2015