Whats It All About?
Basically the number of cats in Indonesia, Particularly Jakarta, are almost as much as the human population. We want to try and minimize the future population in humane ways so that the cases of ‘unwanted’ kittens and cruelty to cats is reduced. Thus, We have come up with our very popular ‘Spay A Stray’ or more professionally, ‘Cat Sterilization Programs’.

By sterilizing as much stray cats as we can automatically reduces the future population as there wont continue to be hundreds of kittens everywhere.

We understand that this may seem ‘inhumane’ to some people .. But this DOES NOT cause any harm to the cats. All cats are sedated and then sleep during the operation so they feel no pain and once the sterilization is done, they wake up and are still monitored and cared for until we feel satisfied that they are able to return back to where they came from.

Mother cats are often exhausted and die quickly due to the fact that they constantly are pregnant and produce kittens. It is also a major stress for them to find the right place to give birth and also find meals for the new borns. The respect for cats in countries like Indonesia is quite low and often kittens and mothers are harmed either by accident or on purpose while they are in such a vulnerable state.
JAAN’s Past Sterilization Drives
 JAAN has been extremely busy with sterilizing stray cats since being founded in 2008. We have conducted big sterilization drives throughout many areas in Jakarta as well as Pramuka and Panggang island (Thousand Islands) and we have had sterilization drives on the Gili islands as well. Besides big sterilization drives,  JAAN has also conduted smaller sterilization drives at schools and Embassy’s such as Gandhi International School, Australian School, Jakarta International School, Dutch Embassy and the American Embassy.
JAAN sterilizes tens of cats every single month at our centers that are brought in by people who want to help with reducing the cat population in their neighborhood and reduce the suffering of all the unwanted kittens.

We also provide education where ever needed.

Our main goal is that people understand that rounding up groups of cats and ‘throwing’ them else where does not solve the problem! (Often the case). We get many requests to catch all the stray cats and move them elsewhere because there are too many and ‘bothering’ the environment. When you round them all up and move them else where within months you will have new cats entering the area and the problem will never be solved. If you sterilize you will get a smaller group of cats that are healthier and that keep other unsterilized cats out of the area.

How Does It Work?
After we have been requested, Either by school teachers or anyone needing help in their area. We set a date which can sometimes be  3 days long and we head over to first assess the area and then catch the cats. We often get anyone that is willing to help us, including the locals and school kids. Particularly if the number of cats is quite alot.After all cats have been caught we then bring them to any one of our operating areas and JAAN vets will check all cats are healthy and if so, continue to sterilize. After sterilized al cats are monitored and cared back to complete health and released back to their home!
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