August 6, the day that changed the lives for 4 dolphins!

(Pictures by Roser)

JAAN Wildlife Team along with our partners and supporters, Dolphin Project were notified by the Ministry of Enviroment and Forestry that all wildlife, including 4 dolphins, held at the Melka Hotel, Bali were to be relocated and rehabilitated. JAAN Wildlife assisted with this big operation, which is ongoing as the animals need to be rehabilitated and those who have release chances, released.

Once we were notified, we moved quickly as we have been awaiting any opportunity to rescue  any captive dolphins. We have had our world class dolphin rehabilitation facility ready to use since late 2010. To read more about it, click here.
2 of the dolphins were in a stable condition and could leave the resort right away, The other 2 were held at the hotel facilities to treat ongoing health issues.
In August 2019, the first 2 dolphins, Rocky and Rambo, were successfully moved into a temporary sea pen and continued to undergo evaluation for their eventual release into their home range. In October 2019, the remaining 2 dolphins, Johnny and Dewa, were moved to the world’s first permanent dolphin sanctuary.

Unfortunately for Jonny and Dewa, being released doesn’t seem to be an option due to their many issues developed from living life in captivity. However, they will be able to remain in the sanctuary, living out the rest of their lives in peace, in a proper seamen and never having to perform again.

All dolphins are being closely monitored by our expert team of caregivers from both us and Dolphin Project. Thank you to everyone who has been involved!

We are accepting donations for the dolphins, especially Johnny and Dewa as they will be under our care for the rest of their lives. If you’re interested in donating please donate to our local wildlife bank account below;
Name: Jaringan Bantuan Satwa Jakart
Acc. Number: 127 000 978 9965

You can also keep up to date and see behind the scenes of the rescue by following the instagram accounts below!