We received news that Transmart Indonesia were selling snake meat, particularly python! We took to our social media accounts to express our disgust & asked all to boycott the food chain as the python is a protected species & cannot be allowed to be butchered! (original post below).

We received an amazing outcome! Many JAAN supporters & followers were in up roar & you all equally expressed your anger & shock. We raised enough hype that in response to the controversy Transmart Manado manager Hendra Simbolon told Tribunnews that he would be pulling all python meat products from his store. He said it was unfortunate because python was commonly sold in Manado and wasn’t sure why Transmart was targetted since other supermarkets in the city sold it as well. He said he would wait for upper management’s decision regarding exactly when to end snake meat sales. Read for full article & details!

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This is HUGE! Thank you to all that helped in achieving this, together we have a voice that cannot be ignored! Now it doesn’t end there, we want to see more than just this. We want to see python meat pulled completely & forever & we also want to see more action regarding the dolphin traveling circuses! Carrefour Transmart Indonesia still DIRECTLY supports the dolphin circus by allowing them to use their parking lots to hold the shows.

They need to STOP directly supporting animal cruelty! All their contacts are below.

Contact Numbers –