Adopt Fin

Remember Fin who was left by his owners & waited infront of the house for 3 months? Well Fin has been doing very well at our headquarters! He settled in fast & joined our pack within days. Fin usually needs a couple of minutes to get to know you first, but once he knows you are okay he is very sweet & very affectionate. Although Fin settled in very fast, he did have some issues with some of the other male dogs in particular. He thought he could take over the ‘general manager’ position, but the pack did not agree 😂He still tends to become a bit bossy if a new male dog joins the pack, but with the right guidance he is fine. Besides that, in general its pretty amazing that all our dogs can live happily in a pack. Our big pack (besides a couple of smaller packs) consists of 54 dogs so all are pretty well socialized & tolerant with the right guidance.Fin is also up for adoption & is missing is a loving family who will take Fin in & never abandon him. He is healthy, smart & loves people!