Recycle project. JAAN supports a recycle project on Pramuka, an island located within the ‘Thousand islands’ (Pulau Seribu) near Jakarta. The people of Pramuka saw with sadness how their beautiful beaches were littered by waste plastic and decided to do something about it. ‘Laut bukan tempat sampah’ means ‘The sea is not a rubbish dump.’ 

Turning trash into treasure. Since 2009 the project produces handicrafts from waste plastic. In cooperation with the local ‘bank sampah’ (trash bank) the people of the recycle project create many different products varying from pencil cases to big shoppers. Part of the profit is used for education on waste management and environment. The project also provides extra income for 10 families.

These products are for sale at JAAN events, on Pramuka Island itself (Hutan Wisata) and via JAAN merchandise. Note: as they are hand-made, not one product is the same!

The people of the recycle project know that environmental awareness starts with education. Every Saturday, groups of school children come to the ‘Hutan wisata’, the project’s base camp, to do handicrafts with waste plastic, work in the experimental garden and learn how to protect our environment.

Involving the island community.
The project’s experimental garden, Hutan Wisata or Rumah Hijau, is also used to improve life for the people of the island. They can come here to learn about composting, hydro-culture, mangrove planting, and other ways to protect the environment and how to get a better life at the same time. When you walk around the island you can see the result. The streets and beaches are remarkably clean and everywhere there are signs asking you not to litter.

Welcome. You are most welcome to visit the project and the island of Pramuka. You can do so easily by purchasing a ticket for a speedboat which will take you all the way. It is about an hour trip from Ancol, Jakarta. The boats are located inside Ancol Dreamland. If you have anymore questions, just get in touch with us!

The talented ladies that make the products!

The talented people that make the products!