At JAAN we have a lot of beautiful senior dogs and unfortunately all of them have a story of either neglect, being abandoned or simply no longer wanted.

Being their age and condition, senior dogs are not highly adoptable as people don’t want to adopt older dogs,  meaning most of them will be with us until their last day. It gives us great pleasure to give them a good life, especially in the last period of their lives and to make sure they are happy, comfortable, get lots of attention and most of all love, which they so deserve. Its so important to give these neglected, abused & unwanted ‘Golden Oldies’ the best of everything!

However, caring for senior dogs is not cheap since most have medical issues and need ongoing medical treatment and care.

By financially sponsoring one of our golden oldies, you will make a direct impact on their life!

‘Sponsor A Senior’ Program
The program will include:
– An official Sponsor Certificate
– A Fact Sheet
– Monthly photos/videos
– Monthly detailed updates
– The love and joy you get for helping saving a life

The monthly cost of financially sponsoring a senior dog is  250,000. This will cover all expenses such as food and medication.


Please contact shyafira@hotmail.com if you’re interested in joining our ‘Sponsor A Senior’ Program.