URGENT! WE NEED YOUR HELP! 😥 As we explained in a previous post we desperately need to move due to the neighbors who cant tolerate us anymore & unfortunately need to move ASAP. We have been given until Sept but since we have a lack of funds to make our new place ready, we will need to nego fiats with the neighbors hoping they will let us stay until Oct ..

We are very lucky that a supporter has rented a big piece of land for us for the upcoming 5 years, however, there is still nothing on the land & we need to make it ready within 2 months.
For JAAN its a monthly struggle to pay all our bills, feed our animals & keep our programs running. We cant afford the additional costs of moving & building a new shelter/ HQ thats why we need your help! Priority No. 1 for now is to build a wall ..
Here are the top priorities:
– Materials to build a wall
– Funds to install electricity, pay for workmen etc.
– Gate for the entrance
– Trees, plants etc. are also very welcome since part of the land has NO trees & therefor is extremely hot.

If you can donate materials please email & if you can help by giving a donation please transfer to either
Sundari / 071 213 6241
Jaringan Bantuan Satwa Jakarta / 127 000 519 7619
(please mention donation for new shelter). ANY help is much appreciated & sharing this post is also much appreciated! Thank you! 🙏🏼