Perfectly fine cats being kicked out of their homes. We urgently need your help!
These cats we rescued a week back after they were kicked out from their home (a residential complex). They have been cared for & fed by a loving women & they were also neutered & vaccinated by JAAN. These cats are completely healthy & extremely love able. A neighbor complained & the complex management decided to ‘dispose’ of them. We couldn’t just let this happen, who know what would of happened to them so we came in & took just a few of the cats in hopes to by some time!

We are now desperately looking for loving homes for these precious kitties. They are all healthy, extremely easy going & really enjoy the company of people. They don’t deserve to just be kicked out due to one complaining neighbor & bad management. People should be able to live in harmony. If you are able to help, even in fostering, so we can rescue the others PLEASE get in touch with us at shyafira@hotmail.com. These aren’t really indoor cats so if you are able to help by providing space in your yard, that would help immensely. Please spread the word & get these kitties safe, thank you!

The cats below are just a handful of the ones that need rescuing. If interested in any of these beautiful felines. Email us!