We recently had our first ‘Cat Adoption Day’ at The Cat Cabin in Kemang, Jakarta.
We held ourĀ first ‘Cat Adoption Day’ and we would say, it was great success. We started off with educational videos to the public about responsible pet ownership etc. and then had the stars of the show (the JAAN kitties) come out and play with the public in hopes that people would fall in love with them just as we have and want to adopt and bring them home! We ran live adoption interviews and managed to get some of our cats adopted.

People got to see a different side to ‘stray’ or ‘rescue’ cats and how, when they are happy and healthy, they can make the best of pets!

Thank you to all that came and spent time with our furry felines and a big thank you the The Cat Cabin for hosting the event and sharing your passion for the love of cats! If you are in Kemang area and want to have a coffee with some feline company, definitely head to their cafe. It is beautiful and they serve the yummiest drinks!