14999986_1330276000370319_341544622703042291_oHaving enough of wild dolphins suffering in captivity purely for entertainment. Get involved now!

Dolphins in Indonesia are constantly under threat, they are being used in many resorts, particularly in Bali, to allow people to take photos & swim with them. They are also being used in one of the worlds LAST traveling dolphin circus where they are starved & forced to perform for yet again, human entertainment.

Forced to jump through rings of fire for entertainment.

We have had enough & are always making efforts to try & better the lives for Dolphins in Indonesia. We have currently just launched our ‘Save Bali Dolphins’ campaign & are trying to teach tourists to not support this cruelty. 

We already have motion graphics & posters up at the International Airport in Bali & are now starting with a ‘Mural Art Awareness’ tour, where shop owners, artists & anyone who is passionate can collaborate to paint the city of Bali with awareness art

We currently need more walls so call shopowners, private houses with big visable walls to join! You can register through – with the subject: WALL MURAL FOR DOLPHINS.

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