11256605_10205184306585900_9059099456922216191_nThese Dancing Monkeys are STILL on the streets of Bandung! This is no life for them. We need to rescue them .. But need your help!

JAAN has succeeded in obtaining a ban in Jakarta on Dancing Monkeys (Topeng Monyet). But these monkeys are still working on the streets daily, simply because JAAN needs funds to rescue them. With such limited funding and space, we aren’t able to keep taking these poor Monkeys off the street.

Lets make this happen. We don’t usually ask a lot as JAAN prioritizes helping animals first but this time .. We are calling out. Help the Dancing Monkeys. Donate to JAAN now and help spread the word!

Feel free to transfer or if you insist on donating another way please email We also offer our ‘Sponsor A Monkey’ Program. This is another way to help us financially! Click here to read more.

The more donations, the more JAAN is able to help these monkeys.
So please, Donate & help save a life.

Name: Jaringan Bantuan Satwa Jakarta
Add Number: 127 000 519 761 9
Bank Address: Jl. Raya Cilandak KKO No. 5, DKI Jakarta
Swift Code: BMRiiDJA